Pulse Clock Prototype, Bill of Materials

By nuff
August 3, 2023
1 min read

  • Blog your idea for next week and come up with a prototype for playtesting. Prototype can be anything that communicates the overall concept of the project as well as key interactions. Be as realistic and detailed as you can. Prototype can be one or any combination of:
    • Breadboard mockup (Proof of concept prototype)
    • Wireframes
    • Drawings / sketches
    • p5 sketch
    • System diagram
    • Detailed written description
  • In addition to the above please make a BOM (Bill of Materials). List out all necessary components (include things you already have), with links, and pricing. Order anything you already know will be essential. If you are unsure of materials, consult with one of your instructors or residents

Bill of Materials (link to live table)


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